Wrong conjecture by HBR about Tesco’s Downfall

There were many disagreeing comments to the blog post which I couldn’t agree more.

I just want to add one thing more. The failure, it was seen as data-driven approach.If the article is somehow trying to relate to bigdata, Tesco’s approach, as I was once part of clubcard project, beautifully incorporates small set of data with conventional market research techniques to make insights. They do not make bigdata analytic reaching 100% data to conjecture absolutism of custuomers.

(I do not reside in UK) When the economy is downfall, the price sensitivity goes beyond loyalty scheme in any kind. It must be how Tesco balanced the both and failed to convey to customers.

They have been struggling in many aspects with many diferent variables in domestically and offshore businesses. I saw their earlier US business took on 2008. I said to myself ‘this is not going to work.’ The falure was not nothing to do with data driven… It was partly the management ego of what they do best can work in US. However, international retail business of Tesco kind is not something similar to McDonald’s.