Amazon Basically Just Unveiled the Future of Shopping and It’s Awesome

세재 주문연동형 버튼 Dash!

버튼을 눌러 세제가 부족함을 알리면 Wifi로 연결된 앱을 구동시켜 자동을 주문을 넣게하는 모델입니다. 이러한 모델은 수년전에 피자배달과 연동한 케이스가 있었는데요.. 꼭 세제일 필요는 없겠죠.

TIME unveiled its latest innovation Tuesday — a tiny device that allows you to order household items at the touch of a button.

The Dash Button is a Wi-Fi enabled plastic controller that connects to a customer’s smartphone through the Amazon app. The buttons can be stuck or hung anywhere around the house — like on your washing machine, say. If you run out of detergent, you just push the button and an order is automatically sent to Amazon for that particular product.

More than a dozen brands — listing about 255 of the kind of bulky products you need to replenish often — are available to order through the Dash Button program.

The device allows users to cancel their order within 30 minutes, and the order will only process once, so you won’t end up with tons of detergent being delivered to your door.

The timing of Amazon’s…

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